Subsea Reservoir 1200 Gallon

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The Seanic 1200 Gallon Subsea Reservoir is a pressure compensated collapsible reservoir with protective cage and mudmat for safe deployment and recovery. It is utilized in the deployment, injection or recovery of fluids to and from equipment residing on the seafloor.


Seanic offers this Subsea Reservoir in a variety of sizes and various volumes. The standard neoprene bladder is capable of storing fluids such as Ethanol, Methanol, Isopropyl Alcohol, Glycol, Transaqua HT, Fresh and Salt Water. Other chemicals not listed may be accommodated with bladder material change. Interface to the reservoir is via an API 17H Type C Single Port Hot Stab and has an ROV operable isolation valve all installed on a panel on the top of the reservoir providing ROV friendly interface. Refilling and emptying topside is accomplished via 2" NPT ball valve. Other options for the reservoir include a Smart Interface for flow rate and totalizer via subsea flowmeter and subsea display, along with datalogging if required.

What's In the Box

  • Spare Bladder (if required)
  • Spares Kit
  • API 17H Type C Hotstab
  • Lifting Slings for Deployment
  • Operating & Maintenance Manual
MaterialsBladder: Neoprene coated ballaistic nylon
Structural Steel Cage, Mudmat and Frame
All SSTL Plumbing
Dimensions153"W x 144" L x 112" H with Mudmat deployed
Weight17,000 lbs/7711kg (air) Filled with Water
6800 lbs/3085 kg (air) Empty
5800 lbs/2630 kg (water) Empty